Zoee Sea Buckthorn Leaf Tea from Organic Farming


What are the benefits:
* for weight loss
* anti inflammatory and anti arthritis properties
* strong antioxidants properties
* antibacterial activities

What’s inside: pure sea buckthorn leaves (you will find some berries in it as well).

How many cups possible: 25 cups.

How to make the tea: 1-2 g (1 teaspoon) for 1 cup (200 ml). Boil  the water, wait until it is 80 degree and pour the water on the leaves (alternatively you can put the leaves in a tea bag), allow to infuse for 8-10 minutes. Enjoy it every day!

How does it taste: mild herbal taste, like green tea but very mild.

Storage: store in a cool, dark place.

Additional information

Weight 0.61 kg
Dimensions 8 × 4.3 × 21 cm

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