Sea buckthorn is getting popular in the UK – featured on Masterchef and Country Files

If you wanna try a unique superfood – go for it

15+1 benefits for you

  • Immune booster thanks to flavonoids, antioxidants – great for KIDS, too
  • At least 10x more vitamin C than in oranges
  • All four omega fatty acids: omega 3, 6, 7, 9
  • Plant-based source of B12 if you are tired or weak
  • May reduce fine wrinkles around the eyes
  • May help fight cancer cells (sea buckthorn oil)
  • May reduce symptoms of depression
  • May improve digestion
  • May help you losing weight by inhibiting your appetite
  • Heart health protector
  • May support a healthy liver
  • May lower inflammation
  • May reduce symptoms of menopause like dryness
  • May also help prevent diabetes
  • May reduce blood pressure

+1 May result in healthy, shiny and strong hair

Pop over to the shop and choose your favourites.

More information about this miracle superfood here.